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Nursing As Caring: A Model for Transforming Practice

Boykin / Schoenhofer,  February, 1999

The theory of Nursing As Caring is a general theory that is relevant to all situations of nursing practice.  Early forms of the theory were first published in 1990 and 1991, with the complete exposition of the theory presented at a conference in 1992.  This was followed by the publication of Nursing As Caring: A Model for Transforming Practice in 1993 and a revision in 2001.  The theory serves as a framework for nursing scholars in the roles of practitioner, researcher, administrator, teacher and developer.  The book is available for free download at Gutenberg.


Healthcare System: Transformation for Nursing and Healthcare Leaders

Implementing A Culture of Caring

Boykin, Schoenhofer & Valentine, 2014


This book offers a values-based, theoretically grounded model, The Dance of Caring Persons, as a guide for transforming the culture of healthcare systems.  It is based on the core values of respect for persons and appreciation for contributions of all participants in the healthcare system, reflected in a model grounded in caring.  The book addresses all aspects of the healthcare system and focuses on caring-based strategies for transformation.

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