With you
For your
Little girl’s birth
Tears of Joy
With you
In grief
And sorrow
Hold you
All I can do
Nothing to be said
Other than
I am so sorry
Tears that won’t stop
Your little boy


Sabra Henry, BSN, RN

The essence of caring demonstrated in the story is being with. The story involves a family whose two year old child was hit by a car. When I went to bring his parents into the code room to be with their child during the resuscitation, we discovered I had been their labor nurse during the birth of their older daughter. This previous caring relationship allowed the parents to trust and rely on me through this tragedy. Being with is the act of giving the gift of self and the patient’s acceptance of the gift. Our previous relationship allowed the parents to be completely open to the gift of self.  In being with the family, holding them while they cried, helping them to bathe and wrap their son’s body, I experienced a spiritual and loving connection with this family and found a deeper understanding of what nursing can be.